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Clan of the Cave Bear Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Clan of the Cave Bear - Term Paper Example The woman’s name is Iza and she requests the clans leader,’Brun’ since the girl belonged to a distrusted antagonists of the clan and as such they had been nicknamed, â€Å"the others†. With the help of her brother who happens to be the â€Å"Mog-ur† of the group in spite of him being disabled. It happens that immediately the group adopts Ayla they are lucky and find another cave. Therefore she is adored and is seen as a good omen to the clan. In fact better thing come their way from that time. She is even given the role of becoming the next Mog-ur of the new cave. However, the young man who is expected to that over the clans leadership is angered by the way she is being envied by most people plans to avenge (Auel 1-211). Paleoenvironment Flora refers to the plants while fauna refers to the wildlife and they are distinct from place to place. In the case of this book the environment hosts a lot of animals and plant. In fact, it is evident from the boo k that the caves are in a forest. This has made the lives of the Neandertal to be easily since they are hunters and gathers as well as farmers. The farming aspect can be seen though the readily available green vegetables and plants like cinnamon. More so they have horses which are tamed (Auel 14).The fact also that there is a Mug-ur and a sister medicine woman revels the presence of many indigenous trees (Auel 94). Another example is revealed when Durc is heard telling Vorn how his hunt had favored him and he caught a deer that was being cooked by his mate (Auel 19). Further there are many fruits and this is revealed by Ura when he says, that cinnamon tastes good with apples. Moreover, the presence of foods like bread and cakes demonstrates that wheat was being cultivated (Auel 208). In addition, there are many birds in this setting as defined in this text of songbirds and squirrels fly (Auel 18). Lastly the book demonstrates that there are a lot of greens most of which was used by the clan as food (Auel 100). Neandertals v. Moderns There are very many anatomical, behavioral, and mental differences between the Neandertals and the current world people. For example their mode of survival in the Neandertals is totally different they have demonstrated to be almost supernatural if they can live in cave under ice and harsh cold conditions (Auel 19). Moreover, their eating habits are not what a modern day person would prefer. They survived on mainly wild meat and fruits and even used herbs as their only medication. Consequently, these people have been portrayed as being illiterate a thing that is almost inexistent in the modern would. However they have proved that literacy I not wisdom because they have demonstrated that even with the lack of basic education they were able to survive under hardships and they even had leaders and a medicine woman (Auel 23). Lastly but not the least their adaptation to harsh cold weather is seen as having a big start at an early age. T his is seen through the many children that the Neandertals bore and raised. The Neandertals also have a difference with the modern people through their neighborliness and harmonious way of living. They mind and watched each other closely and yet they were able to maintain respect for each other.

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A Revolutionary Approach Essay Example for Free

A Revolutionary Approach Essay I believe that the pressures of work can strip the energies off anyone. Without the right motivation, anyone can be a victim of this scenario. For me, happiness is an important ingredient to make work worthwhile. Joy at work, according to Bakke (2005) begins with individual initiative and individual control. It is my great understanding that my happiness at work depends solely with my attitude. Like success, joy at work may only be achieved if I allow it to happen. I can be successful if I allow myself to be. In like manner, if I choose to be unhappy and unsuccessful, I can do things to make my life that way too. Oftentimes, we find ourselves looking for reasons to stay in a company where we work. When the excitement wears off, we start weighing our other options. Some of us may opt to try our luck somewhere. Some may even shift careers with the hope that their new chosen field will turn them into happier persons. Bakke (2005) illustrates at least 10 aspects in the workplace that will bring joy at work. First on hs list is that: When given the opportunity to use our ability to reason, make decisions, and take responsibility for our actions, we experience joy at work. This tells us that in order to achieve joy at work, we should learn to communicate our feelings to our superiors to be able to inform them of certain situations in the workplace. As responsible workers, we should also learn to make our own decisions. This will show how efficient we are and how ell we can perform the duties and responsibles assigned to us. Bakke’s Joy at Work listed that, The purpose of business is not to maximize profits for shareholders but to steward our resources to serve the world in an economically sustainable way. Putting it the other way, we should understand that what we’re doing at the moment as career persons may translate to the world in general. As workers, we are contributing to the world’s economy. Without our efforts, we may not be able to achieve economic supremacy. Thirdly, we should attempt to create the most fun workplace in the history of the world (Chapter 3). No effort should be looked upon as too small or too little. Every task when pooled together contributes to the bigger share. We can make our workplace a joyful spot for everyone by the amount of happiness we contribute. The other way to achieve joy at work is to eliminate management, organization charts, job descriptions and hourly wages. All employees must be treated with importance. Job descriptions, hourly wages and the rest will only make them compete with each other. Another important aspect of joy at work is, fairness means treating everybody differently. Each of us is unique and each of us is born with his own talent. Thus managers must see to it that their employees are treated that way they should be. The other details listed by Bakke (2005) are: Principles and values must guide all decision; put other stakeholders (shareholders, customers, suppliers, etc. ) equal to or above yourself; everyone must get advice before making a decision. If you don’t seek advice, â€Å"you’re fired; and finally, a â€Å"good† decision should make all the stakeholders unhappy because no individual or group got all they wanted; and lead with passion, humility, and love. Being happy at work boils down to one thing. I believe that everything else depends on the person. As I mentioned above, our happiness depends on us as individual persons. We can choose to either be happy or sad in the workplace. As a member of a certain company, we should learn to appreciate what we have and be happy with what we have. Work Cited: Bake, Dennis W. Joy at Work: A Revolutionary Approach to Fun on the Job. PVG. January 2005

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Segregration the Past, Present, And Future... :: essays research papers

"Know ye not why We created yo al from the same dust? That no one should exalt himself over the other. Ponder at all times in your hearts how ye were created. Since we have created you all from the same substance it is incumbent on you to be even as one soul, to walk with the same feet, eat with the same mouth, and dwell in the same land..." -God Bahai Writing Would God categorize his children? That is a question that I believe most would give a simple and direct answer: No. Would the United States categorize her children? Although the Amendment suggests that all men and women are created equal, the fact is that the citizens of the United States are constantly being classified by race, gender, and/or ethnicity. So, if indeed the United States is one nation under God, why do we continue to sort ourselves though unreasonable and unethical factors. The misinterpretation of race has shattered the American society and for all that it stands for. We should correct America's immoral actions and assumptions that separate God's children in hope of reforming the United States toward equality. Race has always been an American issue. When the Europeans landed on the New World and saw an indigenous person he immediately him or her a savage. In time, the original "savages" or inhabitants of the land were made an inferiority to the white men and later wiped out. But later on, a more deeper insatisfaction of race took place. The African-Americans were brought into the "free" America as slaves. They too were considered an inferiority race. The idea of "race" is a human creation (Hacker, 4). People of the world have given themselves names like Caucasian, Anglo, Hispanic, Asian, and African-American. The names "Black" and "White" are quite exaggerated. It is obvious that no skin color even comes close to "Black" or to "White." Now character is a distinction between people. Lack of smart character is what led us to a history too ugly to ever repeat itself. I would say racism started when Christopher Columbus called the indian a "savage." Later on, it evolved when the African-Americans came to America. They were treated with much inferiority and humiliation. They were bought and sold like old furniture. It would take years before a man with the right power and courage would stand up for these e people. This man was Abraham Lincoln.

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Parameters for a Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

ANSYS Fluent is technology package for computational fluid kineticss which enables mathematical modeling of the physical theoretical account. It can be used to analyze fluid flow, heat transportation and a broad scope of other industrial application jobs by executing â€Å"numerical experiments† ( computing machine simulations ) in a â€Å"virtual flow laboratory† . The package is extensively used throughout the universe. It can be used for new construct mold, every bit good as the betterment of bing 1s. One advantage of the package is that it is able to work out complex 3-D jobs where the physical forces and flow features are sometimes impossible to mensurate ; accordingly provide speedy, efficient, more accurate and dependable consequences. As mentioned before, this methodological analysis is based on using the physical theoretical account to a scaly geometry that represents the existent theoretical account system. Subsequently, all surfaces and volumes of the sphere are meshed. The full mesh is exported to ANSYS Fluent for the numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equation. Followed by the model been delegating to the boundary conditions necessary for the stuff and thermic belongingss. The theoretical account re-produces the existent atmospheric conditions that the system is subjected to during the clip that is simulated. Project’s efficiency is improved for undertakings by analyzing little alterations in parametric quantities and CFD expends less clip than building a existent paradigm and proving. One of the chief purposes of CFD simulation is to analyse the existent thermic behaviours of the proposed system with fewer resources in less clip. In this undertaking, the CFD package bundle of ANSYS FLUENT version 15.0 is selected as the computational package for imitating the physical theoretical account. This is because it is the package widely used by research workers internationally in the country of thermic wall research and besides suggested by the supervisor ( ANSYS UK Ltd, 2012 ) . The computational theoretical account is developed based on a proposed physical life infinite theoretical account in Sydney with a H2O wall system.3.2.1 Heat Balance and Governing EquationsHeat balance:The H2O wall theoretical account set up is based on the heat balance method where the temperature fluctuation for H2O is tantamount for both paradigm and theoretical account. There are a few premises made for this method:The H2O is well-mixed ab initio at a unvarying surface temperatureHeat flux moving on the surface is changelessDiffuse radiating surfaceThe thermic energy radiated on wall surface is transferred to H2O, with no heat loss to en vironing walls.Regulating equations:The heat transportation and air flow in this theoretical account is chiefly governed by partial non-linear differential equations, which stand foring the preservation of mass ( continuity ) , impulse and energy ( heat ) . These equations are so solved numerically based on the project’s geometry, boundary scenes and runing conditions. In this undertaking, the preservation equations for laminar flow are described below with concise account on each.Conservation of mass ( besides known as continuity equation ) : this equation ensures that the mass is conserved when fluid is in gesture. Equation ( 1 ) below is a general signifier of the continuity equation.( 1 )Conservation of impulse: the equation is shown below as Equation ( 2 ) .This equation rises from using Newton’s 2nd jurisprudence to the fluid gesture, where the rate of alteration of impulse peers the amount of the forces. The entire impulse of a system remains changeless.( 2 )Con servation of energy: this equation refers to the first jurisprudence of thermodynamics, where the rate of alteration of energy of a fluid partial is equal to the rate of heat add-on plus the rate of work done. In other words, for this undertaking the energy equation histories for the heat act on the undertaking. There are many ways of showing the energy equation, one signifier is as shown in Equation ( 3 )( 3 )3.2.2 Geometry and Boundary ConditionsGeometry:The conventional diagram of the analysis theoretical account considered in this paper is illustrated in Figure3-2, modeled with ANSYS Fluent. The theoretical account is developed from an false physical paradigm by ignoring the structural characteristics. In order to simplify the job, the geometry of this system is specified as planar and constructed on the X, Y plane. The theoretical account geometry is scaled down to 200mm*200mm in general infinite with a thermic storage wall and two gaps as air recess and mercantile establishmen t ( shown in ruddy ) . All wall thicknesses are neglected in this state of affairs, which indicates the walls have zero heat conductivity opposition. There are three chief parts in this theoretical account: the air channel ( A ) , inactive solar wall ( B ) and indoor life infinite ( C ) , besides illustrated in Figure 3-2. The thermic wall is set as 30mm*100mm. The intermediate infinite between the thermic wall and the glazing or the canal breadth is set for 20mm and the stuff to construction the thermic storage wall is H2O.Boundary Conditionss:The lone un-insulated surface is the interface between the thermic wall and the air channel. The other beds are insulated to either increase the thermic opposition or prevent to heat from reassigning into the internal infinite. Note that the heat flux is originally designed to move on the exterior H2O wall surface ( the surface between A and B on Figure 3-2 ) , where this surface is besides an interface between H2O and air. But mistakes occur if this interface is subjected to external heat beginning when operating in ANSYS FLUENT 15.0 bundle. Thus that in this survey, all interior wall surfaces including the roof and floor are set to be adiabatic ( under nothing heat flux ) while the thermic wall interior surface ( No. 19 on Figure 3-2 ) is capable to heat flux calculated based on the Sydney part historical informations shown in Appendix A (, 2014 ) . However, the value of solar heat flux is non changeless during a twenty-four hours, and at this phase our cognition is non sufficient to execute a simulating based on the world parabolic behaviour of heat flux. The heat flux moving on the H2O wall for this undertaking is assumed as changeless. It is about impossible to make an accurate grading based on all fluid flow factors, to fulfill this, the H2O temperature will lift above 100EsC. To simplify the undertaking, the values are so scaled down to fulfill the theoretical account scenes by keep the same addition temperature addition rate in H2O wall. The grading computation is described below. Initially the standard temperature for the H2O wall and theoretical account room was set the same as 300K ( 26.85EsC ) . The air temperature at recess and mercantile establishment were besides assumed changeless and tantamount to the room air temperature to simplify the undertaking. By making this, heat flux is ensured as the lone force that initiates the full system. Other than the computational recess and mercantile establishment, the remainder of the surface boundaries are stationary walls under no-slip conditions. Resistance to flux due to friction along the surfaces is assumed negligible.3.2.3 Imitating Parameters ( Dimensional Analysis )From the published literature, many different parametric quantities can impact the public presentation of the H2O wall public presentation for air airing intent. As shown on Figure 3-3, there are many variables that can be investigated to optimise the H2O wall system public presentation such as wall tallness ( H ) , width ( B ) , intermediate infinite interval ( D ) and the heat flux strength moving on H2O wall surface. A dimensional analysis is performed to show the structural and mechanical parametric quantities that may impact the system public presentation. Buckingham theorem is the method used for dimensional analysis. First of wholly, a certain figure, â€Å"n† , of relevant dimensional physical variables are determined for this undertaking. These variables are inter-related and can be expressed via a functional relationship as shown in Equation 4, where Q stands for the mean volume flow rate at the mercantile establishment. ( 4 ) Followed by examine these parametric quantities and happen out the figure of cardinal dimensions, named â€Å"k† . Finally, by choosing â€Å"k† figure of reiterating variables, the staying ( n-k ) variables can organize ( n-k ) sets ofgroups. The elaborate working out is described in Appendix B. The solution indicates that for this undertaking analysis, there are n=16 variables, k=4 cardinal dimensions which form 12groups. Thesegroups are dimensionless groups that will impact the system public presentation. Consequently, The Buckingham Theorem consequence indicates that Q is a map of a set of dimensionless groups, which are shown below. ( 5 ) Due to constraint in clip and CFD cognition restriction at the current phase, in this survey, two factorsheat fluxstrengthandH2O wall thicknesshave been chosen as the simulating parametric quantities, therefore that the undertaking aims to analyze their effects on the system. Solar heat flux strength is one of the most widely research parametric quantity and besides the most conclusive. Research workers find that air velocity and temperature within the solar channel of the thermal wall system increases with increasing solar heat flux strength ( Budea, 2014 ) The 2nd parametric quantity is the H2O wall thickness ( breadth ) . Presently, research workers return assorted reappraisals on the influence of H2O wall’s tallness, but besides to observe that the tallness parametric quantity is non easy to command due to realistic structural limitations. Meanwhile, there has been really limited reappraisal on the effects H2O wall thickness parametric quantity by past research workers. Comparing to the H2O wall tallness, the thickness is considered as a comparatively easy parametric quantity to command. The above grounds explain why H2O wall thickness is selected as the 2nd simulating parametric quantity to analyze for this undertaking.3.2.4: Operating ConditionSolution Methods:As the air flow is driven by convection in the air chamber, the system is running under force per unit area based attack. When simulating, the force per unit area field is extracted by work outing a force per unit area rectification equation which is obtained by pull s tringsing the preservation of mass and impulse equations of the speed field (, 2014 ) . Since the government equations are non-linear, the solution procedure involves work outing the regulating equations repeatedly till the solution converges. In this theoretical account, the perkiness consequence of air is modeled under the Boussinesq estimate. This is because the phenomenon in the solar channel is natural convection under alterations in air temperature. This estimate is used to account for the denseness fluctuation. Thus the computational theoretical account considers denseness to be changeless except for the perkiness term in the impulse equation.Operating Parameters:As discussed before, the two parametric quantities interested are heat flux strength and H2O wall thickness. For the heat flux strength, the scaly upper limit summer heat flux is 112; where the minimal winter 55.7. Two other heat flux strengths are chosen for comparing. The values are taken mediate the upper limit and lower limit based on tantamount increase. Therefore, the concluding four values selected for this undertaking are 55.7, 74.593.2and 112. When analyzing the H2O wall thickness affects, the heat flux is set independent with a value of 89.2, which is the mean annual value calculated. Then the breadths selected for the H2O wall are 25mm, 30mm and 35 millimeter to compare public presentation of natural air airing of the undertaking theoretical account.3.2.5 Convergence Criteria and MeshingConvergence StandardsThis theoretical account uses 2neodymiumorder truth ( high declaration ) for the sing variables such as temperature and speed. All remainders are scaled and the convergence standard is said as reached when the default absolute value of the remainders are belowHowever it is of import to observe that a good initial conjecture by and large lead to a high scaled residuary and therefore the convergence standards can non be achieved. Hence after corroborating the solution conditions, a mesh independence trial is required to be performed to guarantee the solution is besides independent of the mesh. This is besides an extra c ritical standard to guarantee the consequences are dependable.Finite volume methodThe solution method employed in ANSYS FLUENT is known as the finite volume method under full-coupled convergent thinker. Full-coupled means that the system usually converges in less loop, but with each loop takes longer. This method operates as follows: First of wholly, the theoretical account sphere is discretized, through the usage of mesh, into a finite set of control volumes. Next, the three regulating equations discussed before ( preservation of mass, impulse and energy ) are integrated over each single control volume to make algebraic equations for the terra incognitas. Followed by all the equations developed all being solved to give updated consequences of the dependent variables. Consequently, an approximative value of each dependant variable at any points on the sphere can be obtained.Mesh Independency TestA all right mesh reduces the elaboration of mistakes during the extension of the solution. However, by bettering the truth of the simulation consequences through refinement mesh, the clip devouring for computational analysis is increased correspondingly. As a consequence, a mesh independence trial was performed to guarantee the appropriate mesh is used for this system. More specifically, this means that the mesh chosen is capable of bring forthing a comparatively accurate consequence but less clip devouring. Without executing the mesh independency trial, the solutions will hold a high opportunity of changing with the polish of mesh and this clearly is non acceptable for the undertaking. The polish procedure is repeated with incrementally reduced alternations in consequence until a solution that is independent of mesh is generated. The overall theoretical account sphere is foremost divided into 100*100 computational cells, and so traveling to 200*200, 400*400 cells for the mesh independence trial. The spheres near to interfaces were set with smaller grid spacing ( or finer mesh ) , the interior infinite set with larger grid spacing ( or courser mesh ) to better the truth. Two parametric quantities set as proctors are area-weighted mean temperature of the H2O wall and the mean volume flow rate at the mercantile establishment. There is no specific standard for the per centum difference between two back-to-back sets, but it is required to be moderately bantam to guarantee that no important effects take topographic point on the system when mesh alterations. The differences between the sets of consequences are analyzed in per centum by sing 400*400 engagement as mention. The consequences are besides expressed in x-y chart for better ocular comparing. The elaborate informations for mesh trial including the ocular comparing figures is shown in Appendix C. A comparing of consequences is shown in Table 3-2 below. By analyzing the consequences, it is observed that the differences between the 200*200 and 400*400 mesh are zero and less than 0.01 % for temperature and volume flow rate proctors severally. Therefore, it is believed that the 200*200 grid system has sensible imitating clip ingestion and can obtain good truth consequences for the undertaking. The mesh form is presented in Figure3-4. The observation gives the assurance that the fake solution is considered as independent of its grid.

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The Food Of Food And Family - 902 Words

Food in its self is a very special thing, it give us nutrients, give us reason to communicate with each other. People can use food as a Segway to tell someone some very important information, possibly tell them they love them. Tell them they want to business with them. There are so many fascist to food that just run so deep in our society as Americans. Whether this changes in other cultures I m sure. But the connection between food and family is one that can always be made. there are times a year I would say, are the only times I see family, for one reason we may just miss each other but if given the option of free food, usually gets the public attention. It helps break the monotony of not having a reason to speak. If we didn t Have these outlets to the communicate and shares moments together, I m really not sure when we would ever come back together perhaps a funeral or wedding. It s sad that only in the begging and at the end of life is when families come together the most. In a mo re local sense, you can say food is important in just a day to day perspective, if you have a family it gives people the chance to catch up periodically which is important. It grows relationships trust. Being in a single mother household, more often than not. When my mother gets home from work she doesn t have the energy to cook. Which I totally understand. How can you expect someone to work a job all day and then expect them to come and work some more! Which Is interesting within itself,Show MoreRelatedFamily History with Food: Kimchi and Beyond1128 Words   |  5 Pages Family history with food: Kimchi and beyond Whats that smell? When a non-Korean first encounters kimchi, his or her reaction is often one of surprise, shock, even slight disgust. However, in my eyes kimchi is the food of my homeland, the food of my family. It is every bit as important to me and part of my upbringing as the potato chips that an American child puts on his tuna fish sandwich or the perfect pasta an Italian grandmother cooks for a Sunday dinner. I am now beginning to seeRead MoreFamily Food Traditions : Jack Malloy1119 Words   |  5 PagesNovember 3, 2015 ---- We are sitting down to dinner with Jack Malloy to discuss important family food traditions. Jack is 59 years of age and has been a widower for just shy of 20 years. Jack is the catering director at a local Yacht and Country Club. His daughter, Marie Malloy, a 32 year old, unmarried Fortune 50 business professional, joins us. Jack appears happy and talkative as he makes conversation with us and Marie behaves in a similar fashion, but seems slightly more tense than one wouldRead MoreFood As A Traditional Old School Family899 Words   |  4 PagesFood for thought Imagine a traditional old school family. The family would sit down at the dinner table and share a meal together along with quality conversation over their day(s). The meal was prepared for a great sum of time and was well balanced comprised of normal every main food group followed by dessert all resulting in happy tummies and replenished bodies. Now think of meal time today. Today s mealtime is centered around convenience and instant delivery, often fast food that is calorie packedRead MoreFamily Dietary Practices And Food Availability2064 Words   |  9 Pages beliefs and behaviors of their children. Family dietary practices and food availability are important determinants of the quality of children’s diet; yet intergenerational variation is observed within families (Conner, 1994; Rhodes et al., 2016; Sutherland et al., 2008). Among the main factors that determine food choices are socioeconomic, such as cost of food, family income, and accessibility to a variety of foods (C ampos Rivera Lagunes, 2014). Food preferences and choices generally go togetherRead MoreFood Inc. : A Healthy Menu For My Family930 Words   |  4 Pagesand ingredients. Most of the food was low-fat, cholesterol-free, gluten free, sugar free, fat free or reduced sodium. Yet, people around us were massively overweight. I remember venturing out the last store with only a few products in my bag--bread, pasta, and tomato sauce. Since then I had the urge to build a healthy menu for my family. I read nutrition books—â€Å"Back to Basics.†, â€Å"Forks over Knives.† I watched food documentaries—â€Å"The world according to Monsanto.†, â€Å"Food Inc.†, â€Å"Supersize me.† TodayRead MoreFood Insecurity and the Low Income Family Essay550 Words   |  3 Pages Food insecurity is an issue faced by millions of Americans every day, and the biggest group affected by this are working families with children. Food insecurity is so big that the United States government have now recognized it and provided a definition for it. The United States government has defined food insecurity as a household level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food ( Food banks and anti-hunger advocates agree that some of the causesRead Mo reFamily Conflict Communication : Food And Foster Families : Care, Communication, And Conflict1563 Words   |  7 PagesResearch Paper 2 – Family Conflict Communication Food in Foster Families: Care, Communication, and Conflict Rees’s article in Children Society from 2012 contrasts the differences foster children experience between the food they are provided by their families and the relationship they have with their birth family and foster family because of it. It discusses the way children are provided with food can lessen the amount of conflict they feel is centered on them within their family. The study was conductedRead MoreFast Food Is The Solution For Many Families, Students, And Kids1227 Words   |  5 Pagesnot stop at McDonalds and grab breakfast, it helps with saving time. Fast food has become the solution for many families, students, and kids. Food is a key factor is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, along with exercising. With so many different options and meals to eat one person could never get tired of the same thing. Fast food is supposed to be served quicker than cooking at home and not as expensive. While this fast food is very convenient, is it healthy for you? With asking that question, haveRead MoreFast Food : A Policy Guide For Healthier Kids And Families982 Words   |  4 Pagescompetitive advantage. Where to Locate the Next McDonalds–in Your Hospital? There is more to McDonald’s than burgers, shakes, and fries. According to the article, Slowing Down Fast Food: A policy guide for Healthier kids and families, â€Å"Another way fast food corporations make sure people visit, buy and eat their food is to locate stores within easy reach of many people† (Gagnon Freudenberg, 2012, p.7). Store location is an important aspect of McDonald’s strategy. McDonald’s has $28.4 billion inRead MoreEssay on Low Income Families Living in Food Deserts1326 Words   |  6 PagesMany of the people living in food deserts are people with low income. These low-income families often turn to the junk food provided at the convenience stores and fast food restaurants because it is all they can afford. Socio-economic status is a defining characteristic of food deserts. Food deserts are most commonly found in areas dominated by minorities and low-income families. Studies show that wealthy areas have about triple the amount of superma rkets as poor urban areas do. In addition to this

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Trail of Tears Forceful Removal of Indians in the US

The forceful removal and exodus of thousands of Native Americans from their lands east of the Mississippi River during the 1830s is often called the Trail of Tears. This removal of Native Americans from their lands was a result of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which was signed by then-President Andrew Jackson one year into his presidency and which President Martin Van Buren ensured was carried out. When Andrew Jackson became President of the United States in 1829, he based his decision of signing the Indian Removal Act of 1830 into law based on his previous experiences as an Army general, during which he frequently fought against the Creeks in Georgia and the Seminoles in Florida, campaigns that resulted in the transfer of land from Native Americans to white settlers. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 gave the federal government the power to exchange Native-held land in the cotton kingdom east of the Mississippi for land to the West, in the Indian colonization zone that the United States had acquired as part of the Louisiana Purchase. While the Indian Removal Act of 1830 required the fair negotiation of treaties between the federal government and individual Native American nations, and prohibited the President or others from coercing Native Americans from giving up land, these stipulations were frequently ignored. The Native Americans that were forced to abide by the Indian Removal Act of 1830 were the Choctaws, Seminoles, Creeks, Chickasaws, and Cherokees who heldShow MoreRelatedThe Impacts Of A Cherokee Story : Trail Of Tears920 Words   |  4 PagesStory: Trail of Tears One of the major atrocities early in the United States (US) expansion came after President Andrew Jackson approved of and signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830. This document set the foundation for what would be known as the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears was the forceful relocation of give main Native American tribes from their eastern lands, to newly established territories located west of the Mississippi River (Dwyer, 2014, p. 33). After researching the Trail of Tears’Read MoreNative Americas And The West Of The Mississippi River1438 Words   |  6 Pagescultivate cotton on Indian Lands, president Jackson and the federal government forced the natives to vacate their homeland and have thousands miles walk to a designated â€Å"Indian territory† which was at the west of the Mississippi river. The journey and the route that they travelled was hindered with many adverse and sometime deadly challenges and it came to be referred to as the trail of tears from the C herokee phrase â€Å"Nunna daul Tsuny† that directly translates into â€Å"The Trail Where They Cried† .Read MoreThe Trail Of Tears : A Dark Period1604 Words   |  7 PagesThe trail of tears was a dark period in US history. Fueled by greed and racism but rationalized through what we believed was best for our country, we took even more from people who had already lost so much. We deemed natives as incompatible with society because they did not share our beliefs and culture. Now in modern times, we face issues that are parallel to this era and there are many things that can and should be learned from our mistakes and generalizations from the past. In the years leadingRead MoreOn How the American Indians Were Removed from Their Land1586 Words   |  7 PagesOne by one Indian peoples were removed to the West. The Delaware, the Ottawa, Shawnee, Pawnee and Potawatomi, the Sauk and Fox, Miami and Kickapoo, the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole. In all some 90 thousand Indians were relocated. The Cherokee were among the last to go. Some reluctantly agreed to move. Others were driven from their homes at bayonet point. Almost two thousands of them died along the route they remembered as the Trail of Tears. For decades, the state of Georgia soughtRead MoreCruel and Inhuman Treatment of Native Americans by the Colonists1494 Words   |  6 Pagesdesire or reason anything but minimal contact with the Indians. However, starting in the 1700s the European colonists population skyrocketed. The need for more resources became evident and the colonists knew they could attain these necessities by creating a relationship of mutual benef it with the Native tribes. The Indians, at first skeptical, however became growingly open to the colonists and the relationship they were looking to attain. Indian furs were traded for colonial goods and military alliancesRead MoreSpeech On Columbus Day1430 Words   |  6 Pagesremember some of the painful events in our nation’s history. To the majority of us, Christopher Columbus was taught by our school teachers to be a hero. Generation after generation, children in the American public school system grow up essentially ignorant of the horrific oppression that has occurred to the original inhabitants of our country. Schools teach lessons about the first thanksgiving with the pilgrims and the Indians, and ensure that students memorize that Columbus founded the New World in 1492--often

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The Night - Original Writing - 2143 Words

Gasping for air and pushing an invisible ‘something’ away from her face, Charity sat up with a start and began gulping air into her lungs. It felt as if all her breath was suddenly squished out of her lungs. It was not a scary feeling. She remembered a dark shadow hovering over her, then consuming her, momentarily, smothering her. At first, the shadow radiated love, compassion, and understanding- feelings that returned once she could breathe again. Charity lay there a minute and then got up to pee. As she walked toward the woods, she looked up at the moon- a halo surrounded it, but in the center, there appeared to be the shadow of a man†¦ She stared at the moon a long time, trying to separate the man figure, from the other shadows- he was clear as day, but then he merged with the shadows. A sort of eeriness settled over her, but she continued to the edge of the forest and used the bathroom. When she stood, she felt unbalanced and woozy. What a mysterious feeling this was- it was as if her body was not her own†¦ She had never felt this way before†¦ Even though, she felt odd, it was as if she could see more clearly than ever before. Even in the darkness, she could define each limb, every branch, leaf, even the blades of grass growing from the ground were brilliantly clear to her†¦ She returned to the wagons and stoked up the fire. As it caught and blazed to life, she sat cross-legged and gazed deeply into the flames. Within them, she saw Two Feathers, sitting by his fire justShow MoreRelatedNight Nights - Original Writing845 Words   |  4 Pagesuntil night time. We all would camp out in the living, our parents would tuck us in and then it was off to bed. Sleeping peacefully until one of my cousins woke us all up screaming while she was sleeping. Night after night we had to deal with this. The following year I as well as all of my cousins anticipated the same thing. Peacefully sleeping only to be awaken in the middle of the night by shears of horror. But to all of our surprise my cousin sleep peacefully all the way through the night everyRead MoreThe Night - Original Writing1183 Words   |  5 Pagesfell to the floor convulsing in pain. She was turning and realised that no one could save her. She took her last breath realising she was going to become like hi m. A vampire. Experiencing the final stages of her turning her back arched. That was the night of her transformation. Read MoreThe Night - Original Writing792 Words   |  4 Pagesenlightning. My parents died. I was six years old. They died, because of me. We got in a reasonable argument about Clifford the Big Red Dog, of all things. I stormed out of the house at 8:00 pm. I remember how glistening the stars were that night, how the colors of purple and dark blue collided in the sky and how the moon was full and shined with what seemed like a never-ending light. I just kept running, laughing like the obnoxious six year I was. They ran after me calling my name, I justRead MoreThe Night - Original Writing1528 Words   |  7 PagesAfter a long restless night, Allie had a servant draw a hot bath for her just after daybreak. She stepped in, sat down, and then let her entire body slip beneath the water. She held her nose as she wet her copper locks and soaped her head. She intended to bring the shine back- she did not like the dull creature that stared back at her from the mirror the night before. The hot water was soothing; it felt good on her tired body. After washing, s he lay there and let the warm water soak the tirednessRead MoreThe Night - Original Writing1580 Words   |  7 PagesEverything was beautiful that night. The sky was as clear as the spring water. The weather was so beautiful that we thought that we were not in the summer. I was sitting outside the house in our garden with my parents. We were having a nice chat after a delicious homemade crispy chicken with fries that my mom usually do. Everything was just perfect until my father received the unexpected call. The call that I wished my father didn’t receive. â€Å"Hello†¦what! What are you saying! Calm down I’m comingRead MoreThe Night - Original Writing906 Words   |  4 PagesEvelyn peeked down the hall from her bedroom making sure the light to her parents’ room was off, indicating that they had gone to sleep. When she saw the darkened hallway she knew that her parents had gone down for the night. Her younger sisters, ages 10 and 8, had been put to sleep a couple hours before. There was no one watching. Evelyn tiptoed down the stairs—thank God they were carpeted, which helped shield the noise of her steps—and she grabbed her mom’s car keys carefully exiting the houseRead MoreThe Night - Original Writing1004 Words   |  5 PagesThe crowd filled out of the arena, the buzz and excitement leaving with them. Dark walls echoed the heavy sounds of the metal equipment as it was scraped across the floor by the road crew. In the absence of the band, the crowd and the music, the atmosphere seemed as ble ak and empty as the crowd floor itself. Suddenly, echoes of past joyous screams were replaced by a single, blood curdling scream coming from the direction of the cloakroom. The sound, filled with fear, tore through the arena and bouncedRead MoreThe Night - Original Writing1332 Words   |  6 Pages Waking up to the smell of strawberry jam and toast coming from the kitchen, Dan looks over at his clock to see that it is 7:30. Forcing himself up, he throws on a set of clothes and tiptoed down the stairs to be sure not to wake up Lisa. When he got to the bottom of the stairs, Dan sees both his parents, father at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, and mother at the counter spreading the jam on the mountain of toast beside her. The quiet morning is comfortable and pleasantRead MoreThe Night - Original Writing723 Words   |  3 PagesDuring the summer you can find the same scene on any Saturday night. I see an elderly man near the entrance setting behind a table covered with stacks of booklets. I can tell he is employed by the park by the dark green polo shirt and tan ball cap he is wearing. Even from a distance I can hear him shout, â€Å"Programs! Get your programs. Three dollars!† As a middle aged man wearing a dark t-shirt and baggy blue jeans wal ks through the door. It becomes obvious that he is experienced with the process.Read MoreThe Night - Original Writing859 Words   |  4 Pagesfriends ran out to see what all the laughing was about. They watched the video and began cracking up too. After, we all went back inside due to the amount of bugs outside. We spent the rest of the night talking and laughing until we all fell asleep at around two in the morning. This was the last night we all spent together before heading off to college. Even though it was in the middle of the summer, life took over and we were all busy on different days. The one way that we were able to keep in contact